About OCA

About OCA

The OLD CAMPIONITES ASSOCIATION (OCA) is a Trust registered under the BPT Act having Trust Reg. # F-55842 (M) and PAN # AAATO4190K and formed namely to carry out social educational and charitable activities for the greater enhancement of society in general.  Donations to the OCA qualify for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.To know more about the Objects Of The Trust click on  OCA Memorandum Of Association.

Formed by the Ex-Students of Campion School the broad objectives of the OCA are to act as a medium of contacting and locating and keeping in touch with friends / teachers of yester years and providing information of current events and happenings at the school, and the OCA. It is also a forum of networking and contacting and identifying ExCampionites in different fields at different locations to promote potential advantageous interaction be it business or social even if they are from different generations with the intent of exploiting opportunities of a common alma mater. The OCA also helps the present students to identify and interact with old boys and get the benefits of advice guidance or simply a godfather in a strange place.

The OCA aims are to continue and strengthen the ties between ex-students and the school, to keep ex-students in touch with one another, to give ex-students an opportunity of helping one and of expressing their loyalty to their school by rendering its assistance as and when occasions arise.

In addition OCA participates and encourages many activities of Campion School viz. Scholarships, Vocational guidance talks, Social Awareness Camps and several other interactions among the Campion Family Members.

We therefore strongly encourage students to remain a part of the Campion School family by teaming up with the OCA so that the link between students and the Alma Mater and society in large continues.

All the above aimed to provide better education and social benefits to the society at large.